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About the Artist

Pat Wheelis Kochan is a professional artist from Dallas, Texas.  She studied art and design at the University of Colorado and has worked in watermedia, acrylic, oil, mixed media, monotypes and printmaking. Kochan continued her art study with many nationally known teachers.  She has taught art at her studio, Artisan’s Studio-Gallery for many years and gives workshops for art organizations.  Her styles range from impressionist to abstraction.  She is a writer, lecturer, juror and demonstrator for art groups. Kochan focused on her Downtown Dallas Series since the ‘80s.  She wrote  a book, “Once Upon a Time in Dallas, Through the Artist’s Eyes.” It was recognized by “Dallas Proud” of the Office of Cultural Affairs in the Dallas Mayor’s office for this series. Many paintings from this series hang in the Belo Mansion, Magnolia Hotel,  and other downtown buildings. FelCor Lodging Trust Inc. sponsored Kochan in the City of Dallas, “Dallas Soars Pegasus project.”


Ms. Kochan's resume (found below) is an impressive display of her artistic skills and accomplishments. It showcases her creativity and dedication to her craft. It is filled with awards, exhibitions, and publications that demonstrate her success in the art world.  Pat's resume demonstrates her passion for art and their commitment to excellence. 


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