The Sketch

Not For Sale

Value $2,500

Collage on 140 lb. Watercolor Paper


Inspiration for "The Sketch" By Pat Kochan

This painting began with an ink drawing of an angel, which I drew in continuous movement about the paper. I collaged the drawing onto a 140 lb. watercolor paper.   I began to build the structure of squares to hold up the beginning sketch.  Watercolor was used to draw out the base of multi rectangles; and rice papers were applied to some of them.  At the bottom of the structure is a stairway leading to an arched door made from a carved stamp, which I have used in many of my abstract paintings. It leads to the angel at the top visually.  Numbers were also added for interest, both in the background and repeated in the foreground.  Various drawings and symbols were added to repeat line work of the sketch. The background was the use of opaque grays and blacks for contrast to the transparent paints and collage. Many times, when I begin an abstract idea, it begins with a simple shape or sketch. The object of my design was to have a large cathedral shape. Negative dark shapes were added at the end to see through to the background. The painting is filled with symbols that lead upward to the angel and on to heaven.