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As an artist, my passion is to create unique and meaningful pieces of art that capture the essence of a moment or a place. Below you will find some of my most notable commissions, many from the Dallas series, where I created a collection of vibrant and energetic pieces that showcase the city's iconic landmarks. 

Alliance Commission by Pat Kochan

Alliance commission with Designer, Ferry Akgavizadeh for building on Bryan Street in Dallas, TX. When the building was sold, Rob Roby took ownership of both paintings for his Law office.

Cedars #1 by Pat Kochan

In 2008, the Cedars paintings were commissioned by Carson Art. These paintings, which are watercolor-based, depict the Cedars section of Downtown Dallas. Currently, they are located on the second floor of the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Texas, specifically within the Cedars Conference Room.

Spiral Stairway Hotel Contesa

This is a series of three paintings that  hang in the main lobby of the Hotel Contesa in San Antonio, Texas. It was commissioned by Carson Art in 2011. 

Pavilion at the Belo by Pat Kochan

Entitled the "Pavilion at the Belo", this painting was commissioned by the Dallas Bar Association in 2010. It currently hangs in the Belo Mansion. It is a  32" x 41" watercolor. 

The Hospitable Horse, a Felcor Commission by Pat Kochan

The Pegasus is predesigned fiberglass model painted with acrylic paint. It is a City of Dallas project that was commissioned by the Felcor Lodging Trust Incorporated in  2000. 

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