Gold Leaf and Foil


30"x40" Original Mixed Media Collage with  Watercolor, Acrylic, and Foil

The Process

The under painting is abstract shapes in watercolor on cold press watercolor board. I glued aluminum foil into the shape of a scroll. I crunched it and melded it into various shapes; being very careful to leave the hole in the middle looking through to the original watercolor

under painting. After it dried, I layered various yellow reds, and orange and burnt umber for the darks acrylic paint. I added modeling paste to make transition from foil to paper with a palette knife. Then painted

warm colors to denote gold leaf effect.I love this piece because it is an opaque scroll against the transparent

watercolor under painting. If you looked at my previous painting, you will see my same shapes repeated; the archways, the circles and rectangles.I burnished the foil with ochers, raw sienna and quinacridone burnt

orange and gold. I used browns and brought blues over some of thegold to give a metal greenish look.

Copper Image

The Square Path

22"x22" Original Acrylic on Canvas with Gold Foil 

Dancing Gold


Original Acrylic with Gold Foil on Canvas



Original Acrylic with Gold Foil on Canvas

Shimmering Gold

Not For Sale

10"x12" Original Mixed Media with Acrylic and Gold Leaf

The Cross


Original Mixed Media with Acrylic and Gold Leaf

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