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The Artistic Journey: Bus Stop Series

I developed a fascination for conceptualizing a bus stop series while embarking sketching excursions through downtown Dallas. What particularly caught my attention was the remarkable indifference of people towards those around them, as if they inhabited different worlds. Engaging with them or disrupting their solitude often elicited a surprising reaction, as though I had shattered an invisible barrier of social interaction.

“A stranger is no longer a stranger when you communicate with them.”


The Bus Stop I

Original Watercolor Artwork piece by Pat Kochan showing people at a bus stop in Dallas
Bus Stop I by Pat Kochan

Created in 1991, this painting captures a serene scene of people waiting for the bus in the late hours of the day, after a long day of work. The backdrop features an imaginary building, inspired by the elegant architecture of the Hotel Adolphus in Dallas, a structure I have painted numerous times due to my deep admiration. Notably, this painting received a prestigious award at the Colorado National Exhibition and even graced the front page of the Rocky Mountain News, accompanied by a captivating image of the artwork. Measuring 22x30 inches, this exquisite watercolor masterpiece is available for purchase at $2000.

Bus Stop III in Acrylics

Bus Stop III By Pat Kochan

Created in 1994, this painting not only captures the essence of Downtown Dallas but also incorporates a few individuals seated, whose origins can be traced back to my sketchbook entries from my time in Colorado. It's not uncommon for me to draw inspiration from the rich array of images in my sketchbook or from photographs I've taken.

The Red Bus Stop

Red Bus Stop By Pat Kochan

In 1997, I created "The Red Bus Stop," a watercolor masterpiece that echoes the essence of "Bus Stop #1." In this artwork, you'll encounter familiar faces who also grace other canvases in my collection, imbuing the scene with a gentle, end-of-day sunshine. My passion lies in the artful manipulation of color and light, a delightful interplay that continues to inspire my work.



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