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Unveiling Success: A Celebration of Art at Our Gallery!

This past weekend, we unveiled the curated fine art collection of Pat Kochan and Associates, and the atmosphere buzzed with excitement! It was a joy to welcome new art enthusiasts and reconnect with longtime supporters. The gallery was filled with lively discussions about the diverse works on display, showcasing the exceptional talent of Pat Kochan and her associates.

A true highlight of the event was Pat's captivating 20-minute art demonstration. With an artist's touch, she brought her creative process to life, offering a glimpse into the inspiration and techniques behind her captivating pieces.

Pat Kochan doing a demo of her reknown "Pegasus"

We also extend heartfelt congratulations to the three fortunate families who took home original pieces by Pat Kochan.These artworks will undoubtedly become cherished family heirlooms, imbued with both artistic beauty and the memory of this special event.


But don't despair if you missed the unveiling! The gallery will be open again next Saturday from 10-3 and Sunday from 12-4. The curated collection will still be on display, offering you another chance to experience the artistic mastery of Pat Kochan and her associates. Whether you seek a captivating statement piece or a unique addition to your collection, this is your opportunity to find something truly special in a "low key" setting.

Swap the mundane for the magnificent next weekend! Escape the ordinary and step into our art-filled sanctuary. Allow the vibrant energy of the artwork to spark your imagination, and delve into inspiring conversations with our gallery's knowledgeable staff. Discover the hidden gem or masterpiece that awaits, a piece destined to become a treasured part of your story.



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