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Best Serving

Best Serving

Inspiration: I began “Best Serving” on Strathmore 500 paper, which is very thin watercolor paper but not very forgiving or hardy. I was not happy with the painting so I reworked it and isolated and saved the best shapes to convey my intention. My intention was to present beautiful grays both warm and cool to show off the beautiful color. I was happy with the outcome. It struck me as a serving of beautiful color, so named. Discretely, I added some symbols amid the shapes. I work on yupo paper a lot, so this paper was challenging opposite of yupo. It is not forgiving and the paint soaks into the paper.

    30" x 22" Original Watercolor & Acrylic on Watercolor Paper.

    Questions about this piece? Reach out to the artist by navigating to the "Contact" page.

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