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Our Beginnings: The fifteen acre meadow on which the church stands once served as a place where Native Americans held spiritual gatherings. Later it became a rest stop for cattle drives along the Preston Trail. Eventually, in the latter half of the 19th century, the pioneer village of Frankford carved out a space in the midst of this ancestral convening place. From the beginning it included a mission and cemetery. The present white clapboard prairie-gothic chapel, dedicated in 1899, was originally a Methodist chapel and later an Episcopal mission and parish, the Church of the Holy Communion. Today, this historic site has become a quiet refuge from the restless energies of an encircling city and in April 2006, the parish completed and dedicated its new 350 seat brick and stone church building. We also enjoy the recently constructed parish hall needed to accommodate its growing membership.

Old Episcopal Church (Frankfort Church- Church of the Holy Communion)

  • 20" x 20" Original Watercolor on Paper. 2019
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