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Discover Pat Kochan's Artwork at Must-See Exhibit at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church

Art enthusiasts, mark your calendars! If you appreciate beautiful, thought-provoking art, you won't want to miss the opportunity to explore the talent of Pat Kochan and other Southwestern Watercolor Society Artists. With three of her captivating paintings on display, you can immerse yourself in the world of her artistic expression at the Art Reach Gallery located at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX.

For art connoisseurs and budding collectors alike, this is an ideal opportunity to experience the depth and emotion that Pat Kochan's art evokes. Whether you are passionate about watercolor art or simply enjoy exploring various art forms, this exhibition will offer something special for everyone.

Event Details:

  • Exhibition Dates: The exhibition is open now and will run through November 14th. Be sure to visit before it's too late.

  • Location: The Art Reach Gallery is situated within The Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, making it easily accessible for all art lovers.

  • Address: 1900 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX

For Sale: Pat Kochan's three featured paintings at the Art Reach Gallery are also available for purchase. This is an exciting prospect for art enthusiasts who wish to bring a piece of her unique artistry into their homes. Investing in an artwork from a local artist like Pat Kochan not only enriches your living space but also supports the thriving art community.


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Oct 18, 2023


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