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The Artistic Journey: The Story Behind Dallas Series Piece "Bus Stop II"

My inspiration for the Bus Stop Series of Downtown Dallas began during my visits to sketch and take pictures of the city buildings that I remembered from my childhood. I had been commissioned to paint certain buildings and became more interested in the buildings that were being torn down. But what happened, is that I began to really notice the people- their clothes, their attire, and how they related to each other in front of well known buildings that I had included in my Downtown series.

This particular painting, Bus Stop II, was the second in the series of bus stops. The background is One Main Place near the Kennedy Memorial. I noticed that these people waiting for the bus did not appear to communicate with each other. The sun is low and I wanted to create a mood of how they left after a day of work and their anticipation for the bus to arrive. The waiting people were ignoring each other.


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