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  • Springtime Blooms at the Southwestern Watercolor Society!

    I'm absolutely bursting with excitement to announce that my watercolor painting, "Springtime," has been accepted into the prestigious 61st Annual Southwestern Watercolor Society Membership Exhibition! This is a huge honor, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to showcase my work alongside so many talented artists. The exhibition will be on display from September 3rd to 27th at the Lillian Bradshaw Gallery, conveniently located inside the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (1515 Young Street in Downtown Dallas). Whether you're a seasoned art aficionado or simply enjoy the beauty of watercolors, I encourage you to come see the show! A special thanks goes out to juror Felling Lin, NWS, for selecting "Springtime" from what I'm sure was a pool of incredible entries. This recognition truly means the world to me.

  • Get Ready to Be Dazzled by "Blooming into August"!

    Calling all art enthusiasts! Mark your calendars (metaphorically for now) because a spectacular show is coming your way this August! Artisan’s incredibly talented Monday art class, under the inspiring guidance of instructor Pat, has been diligently working on a project guaranteed to leave you in awe. Get ready for "Blooming into August: A Showcase of Floral Delights!" This exhibition will feature stunning, larger-than-life paintings created by our dedicated students. Prepare to be immersed in a vibrant explosion of colors and textures as these budding artists showcase their unique perspectives on the beauty of the floral world. We can't wait to share the official date and time of the event with you soon. In the meantime, spread the word to your fellow art lovers and get ready for an unforgettable experience! Stay tuned for further updates!

  • Pat Kochan Fine Art Goes Digital: Now You Can Shop Online!

    Calling all art enthusiasts! I'm thrilled to announce the brand new look and functionality of my website, ! Now you can explore and acquire my artwork directly from the comfort of your own home. Browse the extensive portfolio, featuring a variety of styles and subjects, and find the perfect piece to add a touch of beauty and inspiration to your space. Currently, we're offering a "Buy Online, Pick Up In Store" option for all purchases. This allows you to secure your chosen artwork while ensuring a smooth and personalized experience when picking it up at the gallery. But that's not all! Stay tuned for exciting updates in the future, as we're continuously working on expanding our online offerings to better serve you. In the meantime, head over to and delve into the world of Pat Kochan Fine Art! Let your artistic journey begin!

  • Brushing History: Pat W. Kochan's Commemorative Watercolor for the Art District Mansion's 150th Year

    Pat W. Kochan was recently commissioned by the Dallas Bar Association to paint a watercolor painting of The Art District Mansion (formally known as the Belo Mansion) to celebrate the 150th year of The Mansion on Ross Avenue and Pearl Street. The Dallas Bar Association has collected several of Pat's paintings of her Downtown Dallas Series. You may see this collection by calling the office to let them know you are coming. This beautiful 150 year old home to the Dallas Bar Association hosts weddings and other events and meetings. More of Kochan's Dallas series paintings can be see here . Kochan also is the author of "Once Upon a Time In Dallas" which is also available for purchase.

  • A Celebration of Artistic Talent at Artisan's Studio Gallery

    Calling all art enthusiasts! Artisan's Studio Gallery is hosting a special event to celebrate the vibrant artistic talent in our community. This is your chance to be surrounded by stunning artwork, meet the creators, and potentially bring a unique piece home. Here's what you can look forward to: Renowned Dallas Artist, Pat Kochan: Pat Kochan will be showcasing a collection of her captivating artwork, available for purchase at special discounted prices. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece from this talented artist. Discover Local Gems: Alongside Pat's work, you'll have the chance to discover beautiful pieces from her talented associates. This is a fantastic opportunity to find a one-of-a-kind artwork that speaks to you and support emerging local artists. Artists include- Pat Bauer, Jane Strong, Tony Jeffers, Marion Wilmer, Betty Anderson, Lana Housewright, Lisa Ballew, Shelley Rosenbloom, and Pam Blanchard. Light Refreshments: Enjoy some light refreshments while you browse the gallery and mingle with other art lovers. Live Art Demonstration: Pat Kochan will be doing live demonstrations, offering a glimpse into her artistic process. This is a fascinating opportunity to learn more about her creative approach. Artwork Giveaways: Participate in drawings for a chance to win select pieces of artwork. This is a wonderful event for anyone who appreciates art, wants to support local artists, or is searching for a special piece to add to their collection. Don't miss out! Join us at Artisan's Studio Gallery for a celebration of artistic talent. To RSVP or learn more about the event follow this link:

  • Unveiling Success: A Celebration of Art at Our Gallery!

    This past weekend, we unveiled the curated fine art collection of Pat Kochan and Associates, and the atmosphere buzzed with excitement! It was a joy to welcome new art enthusiasts and reconnect with longtime supporters. The gallery was filled with lively discussions about the diverse works on display, showcasing the exceptional talent of Pat Kochan and her associates. A true highlight of the event was Pat's captivating 20-minute art demonstration. With an artist's touch, she brought her creative process to life, offering a glimpse into the inspiration and techniques behind her captivating pieces. We also extend heartfelt congratulations to the three fortunate families who took home original pieces by Pat Kochan.These artworks will undoubtedly become cherished family heirlooms, imbued with both artistic beauty and the memory of this special event. OPEN GALLERY THIS WEEKEND But don't despair if you missed the unveiling! The gallery will be open again next Saturday from 10-3 and Sunday from 12-4. The curated collection will still be on display, offering you another chance to experience the artistic mastery of Pat Kochan and her associates. Whether you seek a captivating statement piece or a unique addition to your collection, this is your opportunity to find something truly special in a "low key" setting. Swap the mundane for the magnificent next weekend! Escape the ordinary and step into our art-filled sanctuary. Allow the vibrant energy of the artwork to spark your imagination, and delve into inspiring conversations with our gallery's knowledgeable staff. Discover the hidden gem or masterpiece that awaits, a piece destined to become a treasured part of your story.

  • The Artistic Journey of Mixed Media Art: Copper Image

    Art has a unique way of turning everyday materials into something extraordinary. In the case of "Copper Image," a captivating mixed-media artwork, Pat Kochan combines watercolor, acrylic, and foil collage techniques to create something truly special. Let's take a closer look at how this beautiful piece came to life. Copper Image is a mixed media piece made with Watercolor, Acrylic, Foil Collage on Watercolor Board. The size is 30” x 40”. Artistic Process The under painting is abstract shapes in watercolor on cold press watercolor board. I glued aluminum foil into the shape of a scroll. I crunched it and melded it into various shapes; being very careful to leave the hole in the middle looking through to the original watercolor under painting. After it dried, I layered various yellow reds, and orange and burnt umber for the darks acrylic paint. I added modeling paste to make transition from foil to paper with a palette knife. Then painted warm colors to denote gold leaf effect. I love this piece because it is an opaque scroll against the transparent watercolor under painting. I burnished the foil with ochers, raw sienna and quinacridone burnt orange and gold. I used browns and brought blues over some of the gold to give a metal greenish look. View more of Kochan's Gold Leaf Paintings here:

  • The Artistic Journey: Bus Stop Series

    I developed a fascination for conceptualizing a bus stop series while embarking sketching excursions through downtown Dallas. What particularly caught my attention was the remarkable indifference of people towards those around them, as if they inhabited different worlds. Engaging with them or disrupting their solitude often elicited a surprising reaction, as though I had shattered an invisible barrier of social interaction. “A stranger is no longer a stranger when you communicate with them.” The Bus Stop I Created in 1991, this painting captures a serene scene of people waiting for the bus in the late hours of the day, after a long day of work. The backdrop features an imaginary building, inspired by the elegant architecture of the Hotel Adolphus in Dallas, a structure I have painted numerous times due to my deep admiration. Notably, this painting received a prestigious award at the Colorado National Exhibition and even graced the front page of the Rocky Mountain News, accompanied by a captivating image of the artwork. Measuring 22x30 inches, this exquisite watercolor masterpiece is available for purchase at $2000. Bus Stop III in Acrylics Created in 1994, this painting not only captures the essence of Downtown Dallas but also incorporates a few individuals seated, whose origins can be traced back to my sketchbook entries from my time in Colorado. It's not uncommon for me to draw inspiration from the rich array of images in my sketchbook or from photographs I've taken. The Red Bus Stop In 1997, I created "The Red Bus Stop," a watercolor masterpiece that echoes the essence of "Bus Stop #1." In this artwork, you'll encounter familiar faces who also grace other canvases in my collection, imbuing the scene with a gentle, end-of-day sunshine. My passion lies in the artful manipulation of color and light, a delightful interplay that continues to inspire my work.

  • The Artistic Journey: The Story Behind Dallas Series Piece "Bus Stop II"

    My inspiration for the Bus Stop Series of Downtown Dallas began during my visits to sketch and take pictures of the city buildings that I remembered from my childhood. I had been commissioned to paint certain buildings and became more interested in the buildings that were being torn down. But what happened, is that I began to really notice the people- their clothes, their attire, and how they related to each other in front of well known buildings that I had included in my Downtown series. This particular painting, Bus Stop II, was the second in the series of bus stops. The background is One Main Place near the Kennedy Memorial. I noticed that these people waiting for the bus did not appear to communicate with each other. The sun is low and I wanted to create a mood of how they left after a day of work and their anticipation for the bus to arrive. The waiting people were ignoring each other.

  • Pat Kochan's "Lady in Red Lunch Hour" Featured in Art Fluent's "Urban " Gallery

    We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Pat Kochan's original watercolor artwork , "Lady in Red Lunch Hour" has been accepted into on of Art Fluent online galleries, aptly named "Urban". Pat's stunning piece captures the essence of urban life with remarkable elegance. If you are curious and want to view the gallery, follow this link: If you love this piece as much as we do, feel free to also explore Pat's portfolio where you can view other originals !

  • Discover Pat Kochan's Artwork at Must-See Exhibit at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church

    Art enthusiasts, mark your calendars! If you appreciate beautiful, thought-provoking art, you won't want to miss the opportunity to explore the talent of Pat Kochan and other Southwestern Watercolor Society Artists. With three of her captivating paintings on display, you can immerse yourself in the world of her artistic expression at the Art Reach Gallery located at Lovers Lane United Methodist Church in Dallas, TX. For art connoisseurs and budding collectors alike, this is an ideal opportunity to experience the depth and emotion that Pat Kochan's art evokes. Whether you are passionate about watercolor art or simply enjoy exploring various art forms, this exhibition will offer something special for everyone. Event Details: Exhibition Dates: The exhibition is open now and will run through November 14th. Be sure to visit before it's too late. Location: The Art Reach Gallery is situated within The Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, making it easily accessible for all art lovers. Address: 1900 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX For Sale: Pat Kochan's three featured paintings at the Art Reach Gallery are also available for purchase. This is an exciting prospect for art enthusiasts who wish to bring a piece of her unique artistry into their homes. Investing in an artwork from a local artist like Pat Kochan not only enriches your living space but also supports the thriving art community.

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